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We also have the capability to create an accident scene digitally so that we can revisit it after the accident has occurred.

Accident Reconstruction & Photogrammetry 

Rather than use the mathematical methods that you see here, we use the brute force approach of creating a digital 3D model of the object and its setting and we just try and try and try until the image of the digital 3D model matches the image of the object that we have.  Sometimes we have even used this brute force approach to help us derive the thing itself without having its dimensions.  What we will show today are three case studies where we have used this method followed by a demonstration of the validity by using the method on a known item, and then finally going through some of the techniques that we use with the cut and try methodology.

We often have the need to recreate the accident scene that was captured in a photograph.  If you have one photograph and the dimensions of the something in the photo, you can locate the camera and use that to help with the geometry of other objects in the photo.  What we often have is a setting with an object and a photograph of the object in the setting.  We want to locate the object in the setting.