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Bartlett Engineering is not solely responsible for building and designing the mechanized or rotating pressure vessels, also know as a Rotoclave. There are three phases in designing and building the Rotoclaves. Bartlett Engineering is responsible for the first phase. This includes designing the vessel while abiding by the ASME Code. Liberty Welding is responsible for the second phase which is the fabrication of the vessel. Tempico is responsible for the third and final phase, which includes installation of the insulation, valves, controls, painting, selling, and shipping. These three companies are very valuable to each other and the completion of a Rotoclave.  

Computer Modeling

Our custom process equipment is offered as engineer design and build. We have worked for several decades with Liberty Welding & Irons Works Co to produce ASME Code polymerization reactors, static mixers, extrusion die heads, filters, separators, steam drums and other specialty process equipment. 

Mechanized or Rotating Pressure Vessels

Custom Process Equipment

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Liberty Ramps

2-D and 3-D Modeling & plastic Part Injection Molding & Design
Some questions are easily answered by creating a computer model so that the virtual part can be visualized or tested. These computer models would then be utilized for the creation of rapid prototyped physical models, or used with FEA to determine stresses or other behavior.

Bartlett Engineering has just recently designed a attractive ramp to fit any custom door. If you are interested in an estimate of the ramp please call.

Product Design