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Vibration Trouble Shooting

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Bartlett engineering uses specialized instruments to measure the frequency and amplitude of vibrations. We also can use computer models to evaluate the resonant frequencies of suspected culprits. This same models can then be modified to test the effectiveness of the proposed system changes. 
Another type of particularly vexing vibration problem is one that only occurs periodically due to such things as changes in wind speed or equipment loading. 

Bartlett Engineering has equipment that with allow us to automatically monitor systems over extended periods of time, and we have even configured that equipment to be able to remotely monitor and control that test equipment to be able to remotely monitor and control that test equipment from our offices. We have used this systems for remotely monitoring the stresses in our 100 locations on a ridge for several months.

We have also used this systems to monitor the stresses in a rotating gearbox shaft. In that application we used wireless telemtry strain gauge equipment on the rotating shaft.

Vibrations that you notice are usually a sign that something is not as it should be. The result if excessive vibrations can range from bothersome noise to excessive cyclical stresses that lead to shortened fatigue life. A vibration typically requires a system with a resonant frequency that is close to an excitation frequency. the vibration can be reduced by changing the resonant frequency of the system, reducing the intensity of the exciting source, or changing the frequency of the exciting source.