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Product Design

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2-D and 3-D Modeling & Plastic Part Injection Molding & Design

Some questions are easily answered by creating a computer model so that the virtual part can be visualized or tested. These computer models would then be utilized for the creation of rapid proto-typed physical models, or used with FEA to determine stresses or other behavior.

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Custom Process Equipment

Our custom process equipment is offered as engineer design and build. We have worked for several decades with Liberty Welding & Irons Works Co to produce ASME Code equipment such as Rotoclaves, DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers, DNV 2.7-3 Offshore Tanks, polymerization reactors, static mixers, extrusion die heads, filters, separators, steam drums and other specialty process equipment.

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Mechanized or Rotating Pressure Vessels

Bartlett Engineering has participated in the design of the these rotating pressure vessels for over two decades.  These ASME pressure vessels are know as a Rotoclave®.  Bartlett Engineering works with Liberty Welding & Iron Works Co. who fabricates these vesselsThe Rotoclave® is marketed and outfitted with its manufacturer -- T&B Fabrication LLC.   Over 100 Rotoclaves® are in operation around the world. 


Liberty Ramps

Bartlett Engineering designs attractive ramps to fit any custom door. These ramps can be ADA compliant and comply with historic district requirements such as the VCC (Vieux Carre Commission) in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

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