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Static Mixers & Custom Process Equipment

Static Mixers have been a main product for Bartlett Engineering for over two decades.  Bartlett Engineering static mixers are found in such varied industries as the offshore inhibition of produced hydrocarbon gas, refinery water wash, waste effluent treatment, oxygen service and crude oil sampling mixers.

Our ASME Code background makes us perfectly suited to accommodate high pressure, high alloy, rush delivery or very demanding specifications (PMI, 100% radiography, ASME Code stamp, cladding, cleaned for oxygen service, PED, CRN, Chinese ML, etc...)

The best way to buy a mixer is to allow one of our mixer specialists to discuss your application with you.

Static Mixers

Spheriseal - Alignable Shaft Seal

The Spheriseal® was invented to allow a mechanical seal to be mounted on a welded pad of a pressure vessel so that the mechanical seal could be aligned with the shaft.  The Spheriseal® allows the hole to be "moved or tilted." 

Pre-cut Hillside Nozzles, Re-pads

Hillside nozzles are so difficult to fabricate that most process engineers avoid them at all costs. Angled hillside nozzles are so difficult to fabricate that they are never used.



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