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Tower & Structural Failure

Structures such as building frames, docks or antenna fail for a variety of reasons which are rarely complicated, but which are often difficult to determine.  Deflections of structures are often so small they they require computer models to allow them to be visualized.  The total collapse of structures is often due to the failure of a single element such as a bolt or a weld, but it can be due to corrosion or excessive load.  Excessive load can be due to the structure not being strong enough to resist a normal load or due to an unusual load.  In order to monitor a structure for the presence of unusual loads Bartlett Engineering has designed and implemented strain gage systems (one with over 100 gages for a bridge).  We can connect these gages to our remote monitoring system so that the system could be controlled and monitored from our offices or smart phones.  Most of these gages were installed using rope access strain gage technicians.

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